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WyCo GOP Brings County Together

Wyandotte county Republicans recently launched a new phase in their commitment to encourage awareness and participation in elections. Conservative candidates, locally, throughout the state, and in the US Congress were recognized and/or introduced at the historic Grinter Place during meetings held on two consecutive weekends. Response to the invitation-only event was overwhelming.

Guest speaker, Jack Cashill gave an entertaining and informative presentation on media bias and several candidates and elected officials were in attendance.  Volunteers served dinner or brunch and facilitated networking of Republicans for a more vibrant, prosperous Wyandotte County. Read More

Electoral College

Electoral College

(From KS GOP)  Remember that election on November 8 when you thought you were voting for Donald J. Trump (or one of the others)?  You were actually voting for a slate of six electors selected by the Kansas Republican Party who were pledged to vote for Trump and Pence when the electoral college assembles and votes.

Under the Constitution, there is not one presidential election on November 8, there are 51 (50 states plus the District of Columbia) separate elections to elect slates of electors in each state.  Each state gets a number of electors equal to its number of US Senators and US Representatives, the District gets three; for a national total of 538 Electors.  Only Maine and Nebraska do not award their electors on a winner take all system.  Those two states award some of their electors by who won each Congressional District.   Read More