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WyCo GOP Brings County Together

Wyandotte county Republicans recently launched a new phase in their commitment to encourage awareness and participation in elections. Conservative candidates, locally, throughout the state, and in the US Congress were recognized and/or introduced at the historic Grinter Place during meetings held on two consecutive weekends. Response to the invitation-only event was overwhelming.

Guest speaker, Jack Cashill gave an entertaining and informative presentation on media bias and several candidates and elected officials were in attendance.  Volunteers served dinner or brunch and facilitated networking of Republicans for a more vibrant, prosperous Wyandotte County. Read More

To Our Fallen Comrades

To Our Fallen Comrades

Patrick Rohrer — Theresa King

As I stood Sunday evening at the candlelight vigil for the two deputies killed last week while performing their duties to protect us, I was grateful to be part of a community willing to step out of its comfort zone to honor its fallen heroes, and to those on the ready to speak out to the comrades of the fallen and to the community members present, Governor Colyer, Attorney General Schmidt, Mayor Alvey, US Congressman Yoder, and Sheriff Ash.  My prayers went up for the families of these two deputies and their inner circle of friends.

My heart cried out for wisdom and courage for the colleagues of the deputies, knowing their hearts would likely be embittered by the events leading to the deaths of people they considered more as family than friends.

We bowed our heads as the prayers to a holy God from public officials began. Then I heard the words that, as a Christian, truly caught my attention and slowed my heart. Words that might lead one to think that the god of all religions, no matter what name was given to that god, all lead to the heavenly Father that created all things. The words saddened me a bit, but I moved on knowing that many have been convinced that being politically correct is far more important than being obedient to God.

But as Mayor Alvey stepped up, I heard his prayers go out to the Almighty God and Father of us all. The mayor was not afraid to lift his voice to God. Neither was he hesitant to pray in the name of Jesus. My heart, however, was truly quickened by Sheriff Ash as he not only lifted his voice to a Holy God, but shared scripture with all of us there, especially to the comrades of the fallen deputies. His words and the sentiment he expressed, sentiments shared by another deputy, were that we must leave vengeance to God; that is His job, not ours; that we should not be overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

At that moment I was proud to be American, proud to be a “Dotte,” and proud that our leaders, in a society that often persecutes Christians and law enforcement officers, are not afraid to cry out to God in Jesus’ name.

Chiquita Coggs, President

Wyandotte County Republican Women