About The Wyandotte County GOP

The Wyandotte County GOP is established to support local, state and US candidates who promote the tenets of the US constitution, such as:
Our efforts include voter registration drives, get-out-the-vote operations for candidates, and raising funds to finance the previous two.

GOP Officers:

Chair, Kevin Braun
Vice Chair, Chiquita Coggs
Secretary, Jordan Mackey
Treasurer, Kristina Smith

Kevin Braun

WyCo GOP Chair
Kevin charged into the political arena several years ago and immediately transformed the Wyandotte County GOP into an organized workhorse. He supported and campaigned for local and state candidates and energized the base like few before him. It didn’t take long for Leavenworth and Wyandotte County Republicans to recognize this gem in our midst. He was recently selected to replace a retiring senator in the 5th District Senate.

Chiquita Coggs

Vice Chair
Born and raised in Wyandotte County, Chiquita has served Kansas at the state level for many years as the Executive Director of the State Board of Cosmetology. She is also currently the chair of the Wyandotte County Republican Women's organization.

Jordan Mackey

Jordan is an active community member in Wyandotte County and brings with him a wealth of innovative ideas and conservative solutions for the high cost of living in Wyandotte County.

Kristina Smith

Long time Wyandotte County resident, Kristina Smith was born in Italy and raised in Kansas. She hails from a long line of service members -- both military and law enforcement. That may be why she was drawn into law and works for herself as a paralegal and bookkeeper. Her enthusiasm and positive energy are assets to the WyCo GOP.

Goals of the WyCo GOP

To move the county toward greater independence, self-reliance, and prosperity by attracting and promoting local, state and US legislators who represent the values inherent in our US constitution.


As coastal states (and Colorado) move more and more toward the frightening ideals of progressivism, Kansans rallied in 2016 to support a Republican candidate unlike any we’ve known before. An unabashed non-politician, (President) Donald J. Trump garnered no less than 56% of votes in our comfortably Red State. The battle never ends, however, to maintain the core principles that are vital to our support of the constitution. Those values are, indeed, very fragile.

Wyandotte County is represented by a Republican state senator for the first time in many, many years. The 36th District house seat – a Democrat stronghold for even longer — was stung by a serious Republican challenge in the last election. The WyCo GOP organization unified behind a solid conservative Republican who advanced the cause further. We will continue the fight to protect our belief in American exceptionalism.

Please help us support our local and state candidates here: