Electoral College

Electoral College

(From KS GOP)  Remember that election on November 8 when you thought you were voting for Donald J. Trump (or one of the others)?  You were actually voting for a slate of six electors selected by the Kansas Republican Party who were pledged to vote for Trump and Pence when the electoral college assembles and votes.

Under the Constitution, there is not one presidential election on November 8, there are 51 (50 states plus the District of Columbia) separate elections to elect slates of electors in each state.  Each state gets a number of electors equal to its number of US Senators and US Representatives, the District gets three; for a national total of 538 Electors.  Only Maine and Nebraska do not award their electors on a winner take all system.  Those two states award some of their electors by who won each Congressional District.  

Half of 538 plus one is 270 electoral votes – the number being counted during the night of the election.

The electors meet on the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December-  December 19, 2016, to vote.  They gather in each state capital at noon, probably in the Old Supreme Court room. The original idea was to not have the College of Electors meet in one location to minimize scheming.  Each electors signs six ballots for President and six for Vice-President.  The votes are sealed and sent to Congress (and other places), where they are opened and read to a joint session of Congress on January 6, 2017.  The Inauguration is Friday, January 20.

What is a faithless Elector?  Only 24 states, by law, mandate that their electors vote in accordance with the popular will.  So, in theory, it is possible for Electors to vote any way they want.  But it will not happen.

Who are the Kansas Electors?  Kelly Arnold Helen van Etten, Ron Estes, Mark Kahrs, Ashley McMillan Hutchinson, and Clay Barker.

How were they selected?  Back in June 2016, the state party officers took input from many people around Kansas and picked six individuals who were solid party regulars who would be sure to vote for Donald Trump.

How much are they paid for their work?  Under Kansas law- $3 a day and 15 cents a mile for travel.

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