Another Tax Increase In Wyandotte County

Another Tax Increase In Wyandotte County

(2014 Fox4 News) KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A business owner in KCK said she couldn’t believe her eyes.

She said she opened Wednesday’s mail to discover she’s being hit with a huge commercial property tax hike, up over 580 percent from last year’s bill.

Christina Smith has operated her salvage yard and used car dealership on Pawnee Avenue for 15 years. She said news of the big tax hike caught her by surprise, and if she’s forced to pay, her business might have to call it quits.

“I can’t even put it together in my head why this would happen,” Smith said.

Smith showed FOX 4 her tax statements, and the 582 percent increase from a year ago, which amounts to roughly $10,300 in new taxes. Smith’s bill from 2013 had her paying less than $1,900. This year, she’s being dinged for over $12,000.  Read more here

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